Why is UWP a good choice for my son or daughter?

UWP Community ActivitiesUp with People (UWP) is an exceptional, global, entertainment and educational non-profit. Our unique organization has been bringing the world together through service and music for the past four decades.

Long-before study abroad programs were plentiful and gap year opportunities were seen as a valuable investment – UWP was blazing the trail in providing unique international programs for students from all parts of the globe.

During UWP, our international participants travel in groups of 100+ people, referred to as “casts”, to more than 20 cities on a multi-continent tour. While on tour they participate in community service projects, performing in a high-energy musical show and live with host families.

Cast members experience the sights, sounds and tastes of each community during their one or two semesters of travel with UWP. This one-of-a-kind experience changes the hearts and minds of participants, preparing them to embrace their roles and responsibilities as world citizens.

UWP provides a global education of a lifetime, for a lifetime!

“UWP was a life change for (our son and daughter). It was a world-expanding experience for both of them, even though they are very different people and were at different stages in life when they participated. Traveling and experiencing entirely new cultures gave them a framework to look at the world with a new perspective. Surprisingly, they came back with more questions than answers, but that’s invaluable in today’s world.”

- Cathy & Chris (Parents of two former UWP participants)

Top 5 reasons UWP can be the right choice for your son or daughter!

  1. Today’s leading schools and employers are looking for people with a global perspective. UWP will help your son or daughter develop valuable skills that enable them to work effectively with those from other nationalities, cultures and points-of-view.
  2. Our organization is seen as a true leader and innovator in global experiential education. After traveling with UWP, your son or daughter will have developed the skills to be a self-directed and life-long learner.
  3. Our focus on volunteering through direct community involvement in each city we visit helps your son or daughter explore their commitment to serve others. They will internalize that it’s not getting, but giving, that leads to personal growth.
  4. As students of the world traveling with people from other countries and living with host families worldwide, your son or daughter will gain a better understanding of important global issues, including politics, history, culture, geography, environmental issues, religions and economics.
  5. After completing their international tour, all students join the ranks of more than 22,000 UWP alumni from around the world. Beyond the natural connection UWP alumni share, no matter when they traveled, it also is an excellent personal and professional networking opportunity.

If you are interested in speaking to other parents whose son or daughter participated in the UWP international program, the Admissions Team can assist you in making that connection. Contact us at +1-303-460-7100.

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