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VIDEO: Travel.Perform.Impact

VIDEO: Viva la Gente – Cast B 2010

UWP Music: Now and Then

If there’s one thing Up with People has been known for since the first “Sing Out” group hit the road in 1965, it is our music. The musical founders of Up with People believed that music was the most powerful international language, capable of breaking down cultural and language barriers and a powerful force for inspiring others. Music continues to be an integral part of the UWP program today.

UWP’s current show is called “VOICES” and is available through the UWP Online Store or online through iTunes or Amazon. A hard copy can also be purchased at our shows. Please enjoy a few sample tracks below.

You can buy our former CD, “A Song for the World” at the UWP Online Store or purchase individual songs and albums online through iTunes or Amazon.

Sample Tracks: Voices

Rise Up sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]
Party 'Round the World sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]
Stand Up Now sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]
Make A Change sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]
Say Hey sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]
Voices sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]
Up with People 2012 sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]

Sample Tracks: A Song for the World

Sing Your Song sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]
Power With sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]
Arm Yourself sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]
It Takes A Whole Village sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]
The Sound of Peace sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]
Shine the Light sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]
With One Heart sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]
Get Up! sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]
One Person (What Can I Do?)! sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]
Up With People! sample [Buy Album] [Buy Online]

Sample Tracks: UWP Top 10 Hits, 1970 to 2000

Where the Roads Come Together sample [Buy Online]
Moonrider sample [Buy Online]
Can We Sing A Song Of Peace sample [Buy Online]
Room for Everyone sample [Buy Online]
De Que Color Es La Piel De Dios sample [Buy Online]
It Takes A Whole Village sample [Buy Online]
Rhythm Of The World sample [Buy Online]
One 2 One sample [Buy Online]
Give The Children Back Their Childhood sample [Buy Online]
We Are Many, We Are One sample [Buy Online]




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