You Can Bring the World Into Your Home!

Up with People (UWP) relies on the generosity and support of families all over the world.  Since 1965, more than 800,000 families around the world have hosted UWP students.  Host families are a big part of what makes our program unique and they provide a rich cultural learning opportunity for our participants.

As a host family, you will open your home and heart to provide a safe and welcoming environment for young people from around the world. In return you will form international friendships that can last a lifetime.

Whether you live in an urban flat, rural farmhouse, thatched hut, or suburban townhouse, you can bring the world into your home by hosting an UWP student during their international tour.

UWP host families provide:

  • A place to sleep
  • Breakfast and most dinners
  • Local transportation at the beginning and end of the day, and
  • A safe and welcoming environment for UWP students to learn about your family, community and culture….and vice versa!

UWP host families receive:

  • Two complimentary Up with People show tickets
  • An opportunity to share customs and culture, and
  • A potential new friend for life.

Interested in hosting? Use our Contact Us form to submit your interest today.  We’ll send you updates when a cast is touring to your area.  If you already know of a cast coming to your community soon, please check our Current Tour Schedule page and contact the UWP Promotion Representative in your city.

If you have specific questions about being a host family, send an email to