UWP has announced an academic partnership with Florida Southern College (FSC), which began in July 2012. Academic courses are offered to complement our existing curriculum of experiential learning and educational workshops, making it possible for most UWP participants to earn university credit.

A minimum of 12 academic credits are+ offered each semester and students must opt-in and enroll in the academic program, in addition to being accepted to travel abroad with UWP. This academic program is optional and not required for all students.

All coursework is instructed and assessed by FSC faculty, supported by UWP staff, and delivered through a blended model of classroom instruction and online learning. Transcripts are issued by FSC and are transferable to any accredited university, on approval by the receiving institution.

Eligibility for Study Abroad and Gap Year Credit Option

UWP international passportsAny US or international college/university student is eligible to enroll. US and international Gap Year participants who have completed high school/tertiary studies, but who are not yet enrolled in a college or university, are also eligible to enroll. Post-graduate participants are also welcome.

Students who wish to go abroad with UWP as their study abroad semester are encouraged to seek prior approval and follow all necessary guidelines through the international programs (study abroad) office at their home univesity.

Program Cost

The UWP Global Education Program is an affordable, comprehensive, and unique way to explore the world. Programs run for 22 weeks and begin in January and July of each year.

The program fee is $17,450 USD for one semester or $26,450 USD for two semesters/year option, when the deposit is paid in advance. These fees cover a portion of the actual program cost, with the remainder funded by generous grants, gifts and scholarships.

The optional academic program delivered in collaboration with Florida Southern College is an additional $950 USD per semester. This additional fee applies directly to the cost of enrollment and instruction.

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Questions about traveling abroad with UWP?

For questions about applying to travel abroad with UWP or to get more information about our new academic program through FSC, please call our Admissions Team at +1-303-460-7100 or email Brad Good at bgood@upwithpeople.org.