Student FAQ

Are musical talent and performance ability requirements for participation?

Can I get college credit?

Does UWP offer scholarships or other financial assistance?

Does UWP provide health insurance?

How do I apply?

How long will I travel?

How will this experience benefit my future?

What are the main program components?

What if my host family does not speak my native language?

What is Up with People’s Goal?

What travel documentation do I need?

When should I apply?

Where do I live while I'm traveling with UWP?

Where will I travel on tour?

Who should I contact with questions about the application process?

No. Students ARE required to provide proof of health insurance coverage during the enrollment process. However, each student is responsible for securing their own international health insurance and is responsible for personal medical expenses incurred while on tour. Up with People will provide insurance options to consider.

For more information about applying to travel abroad with UWP, please contact registration@upwithpeople.org.

Academic Program FAQ

Are all UWP participants required to take part in the academic program and earn credit?

Can UWP guarantee that the academic credit earned during the UWP semester will transfer to my home university or be accepted as credit at a future university where I enroll?

Do I have to be a student of Florida Southern College in order to receive credit for this program?

Do I need to complete a separate application for the academic program?

Does acceptance to travel with UWP guarantee that I can also enroll in the academic program?

How do I arrange for the academic credit to transfer back to my home university?

I am a current U.S. university student and I receive financial aid. Can I apply any of my aid package toward my UWP program fee?

I don't plan to attend college OR I have finished my college studies. I'd still like to take the courses and earn the academic credits. Am I eligible?

If I don't participate in the academic program, will my international experience as an UWP student be compromised in any way?

If I participated in the UWP program prior to July 2012, can I get the credit / transcript from FSC too?

Is there an additional cost for the academic program option?

I've seen other schools listed on your website. Does UWP have other university partners? How are they different from the new program with FSC?

What academic courses are offered?

What is the relationship between Up with People (UWP) and Florida Southern College (FSC)?

Who is eligible to participate in this program and earn credit through FSC?

No.  The academic credit offered through the partnership with FSC is a program only available to students in our July 2012 program and after. The credit is earned for specific university courses taken during the semester. We encourage students who traveled in the UWP program prior to July 2012 to work with their home university to seek independent study credit or consider enrollment at one of our affiliate universities to take advantage of their unique credit offers for UWP alumni.  See previous question as well.

Parent FAQ

Are friends and family able to visit the group during the tour?

Can I talk to other parents of students who have traveled in UWP?

Do the students have a curfew?

Does a doctor or nurse travel with the group?

Does my student need musical experience or a specific talent to travel in UWP?

Does UWP provide health insurance?

How are meals arranged?

How much does it cost to participate in the program?

If my student decides to come home early, will their program fee be refunded?

Where will my student live while traveling?

Who participates in UWP?

Yes! Please notify Up with People staff traveling with your student at least one month prior to your scheduled visit. We will assist you in making proper arrangements to ensure smooth operations of the program. All travel, hotel, and meal expenses are the responsibility of the visiting guest(s). Special circumstances may allow you time with your student away from the scheduled tour activities. However, this is subject to approval.

Alumni FAQ

How much does it cost for a semester?

I haven’t seen an Up with People show in years. Why don’t you come to my city/state/country anymore?

I’m looking for someone I traveled with? How can I find other alumni?

Is the UWP Alumni Association part of Up with People?

Is there any special scholarship available for children of alumni to travel with UWP?

When are the UWP Reunions and who is responsible for organizing the Reunion events?

Who is the main contact for alumni in the UWP Office?

Why am I not receiving your newsletters or other email and postal updates?

Why is there only one cast traveling at a time? When will UWP have more casts?

Why is UWP only a one semester program now, instead of the full year program it used to be?

We’ve missed you! Come see us on tour! We love having our alumni in the audience….even better, as host families, sponsors or volunteering alongside our current students. To see where Up with People will be traveling over the next few months, check out our Tour Schedule.

With just one cast touring at a time, the scope of locations UWP can travel to each year is more limited compared to before the year 2000. We regularly tour within the USA, Mexico, Europe and Asia but are always open to exploring tour opportunities in every part of the world. Our alumni play a huge role in creating opportunities for tour sponsorships. If you are interested in working with Up with People to bring a student group to your city, contact Paul Whitaker at pwhitaker@upwithpeople.org.

Sponsor FAQ

How does Up with People support the visit in terms of local arrangements, promotion of the show, host families and other arrangements?

How important are media sponsors and who is responsible for persuading them to support the project?

How is the local beneficiary selected and how much can they expect to receive?

How is the schedule determined as to when a cast is able to come to my community?

How many companies can sponsor Up with People?

What does it cost to bring Up with People to my community?

What if I'm just interested in bringing in the show as entertainment and don't have the funding, time or interest in the community involvement activities?

What is the optimal type of venue and how is it paid for?

What other support is typically provided by the sponsors in setting up the cast visit?

What role does the sponsor play in determining focus and locations the cast visits for community impact activities while in a community?

For more information on sponsoring Up with People, please contact Sponsorship@upwithpeople.org.

Host Family FAQ

Can my student use my car?

Do participants have their own health insurance?

Do students have a curfew?

Do the students speak/understand English?

How many students will stay in my home?

I work all day. Am I still able to host?

I’m interested! How do I sign up to be a host family?

Is Up with People coming to my community?

What are the ages of UWP students?

What do host families provide?

What is a host family day?

Will I receive tickets to the UWP show?

Check out our Current Tour Schedule and visit the page regularly for updates as tour details are confirmed.

Donor FAQ

Are gifts to UWP tax deductible?

Can I have a gift charged to my credit card monthly?

Can I make a gift in honor of a friend or loved one?

I am unable to make a cash contribution. Are there other ways in which I can support UWP?

What is the best time of year to contribute to UWP?

What is UWP’s tax ID number?

When I contribute to Up with People (UWP), how is my money used?

When I make a gift, is it going to UWP or the Alumni Association?

When is your fiscal year?

UWP’s fiscal year runs from July 1- June 30.

For more information about contributing, contact Development and Communication Manager Megan Luebke at mluebke@upwithpeople.org or call +1-303-460-7100.

Special Events FAQ

What do you mean by "all-inclusive" event production?

What events has Up with People performed for in the past?

What is a sample rundown for the Specialty Shows & Events division?

What is the cost for contracting Up with People for a special event?

Our rundowns vary, and can be tailored specifically to your event. Typically, we produce a 25 minute show that features several original Up with People songs with messages of understanding, peace, and working together. Additionally, our rundowns feature entertaining medleys of popular music and high-energy international music and dance from around the world.



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